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Keren Kagarlitsky, Kapellmeister of the Wiener Volksoper, is an Israeli conductor residing in Vienna.

Kagarlitsky conducted various orchestras around the world, including Stuttgart Staatsorchester at Stuttgart Staatsoper, The BBC Philharmonic orchestra, orchestra of the Teatro Massimo in Palermo, Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini in Parma, orchestra of the Teatro Bellini in Catania, The Bretagne Symphony Orchestra (France), The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, The Camerata Jerusalem, The Israel Chamber Orchestra and Symphonette Raanana Orchestra.

Since 2018, Kagarlitsky worked closely as assistant conductor to maestro Omer Meir Wellber, in some high profile projects such as Die Zauberflöte at Dresden Semperoper, Don Giovanni and Carmen at Teatro Massimo Palermo ect.

She has been invited to write orchestral arrangements for many orchestras in Europe, among which the BBC Philharmonic, the Teatro Massimo Opera Orchestra, the Bretagne Symphony Orchestra and the Raanana Symphonette Orchestra. in 2023 Kagarlitsky has been commissioned to orchestrate and compose her original music for the production 'Lass uns die Welt vergessen' at the Volksoper Wien.

Kagarlitsky is a prolific musical pedagogue. She created and wrote many concerts for children and worked with many symphonic-pedagogical institutions, such as the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem - where she is currently the orchestra's musical director.


Keren Kagarlitsky was born in Israel to parents who immigrated from Kyrgyzstan in the former SovietUnion. She began her musical path at the age of seven, studying the piano. Kagarlitsky graduated herM.Mus studies at UDK Berlin, studying with Prof. Steven Sloane and Prof. Harry Curtis. She graduatedfrom the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, where she studied composition with Prof.Menachem Wiesenberg and conducting with Prof. Eitan Globerson and Prof. Avner Biron. She alsoreceived the Scholarship Excellence Award in 2015 and a scholarship from the American-IsraelCultural Foundation in 2018.

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